Our Plans

An Innovative Health Program

Our plan is a unique healthcare solution that complements and enhances existing medical insurance plans by providing additional benefits at a zero-net cost to the company. It is the perfect intersection of doing good for your organization while doing good for your employees!

Happy and Healthy Employees

The As One solution includes a health incentive program to improve your team’s health and wellness, keeping employees more productive and engaged in your business.This plan improves employees’ physical and financial well-being and has been shown to improve employee engagement, productivity, health, and job satisfaction.

Healthier and happier employees lead to a reduction in claims. The As One plan takes a substantial load off your primary healthcare plan by covering primary care office visits and over 200 of the most-prescribed prescriptions, continuing to reduce claims related to these costs. At renewal, premiums are directly tied to annual claims made against your primary plan.

The As One Plan

Our plan does not replace or interfere with your primary health plan or any other benefit plan that may already be in place. It overlays and complements existing plans including HMOs, PPOs, FSAs, HSAs, and fully self-insured plans. However, there are no requirements for the type of underlying plan — or for there to be any underlying health plan at all!

Why Choose Our Plan?

  • • $0 primary care
  • • 24/7 virtual primary care company doctor for the whole family
  • • Unlimited $0 co-pays on prescriptions
  • • Health coaching for employees